Former Bristol-Myers Chemist Sentenced To Life For Murdering Hubby


Do you remember Tianle Li? She is the Bristol-Myers Squibb who was convicted two months ago for her estranged husband by giving him a toxic metal known as thallium, which the drugmaker once used for making medical imaging agents. Rather have him obtain a divorce, prosecutors charged that she reached for poison. Now, she has been to in prison.

The 43-year-old Li gave thallium to Xiaoye Wang, 39, on a regular basis, starting in late 2010 (back story). Thallium is known as a ‘perfect poison, because it can be fatal in very tiny doses. Studies in people who ingested large amounts over a short time have reported vomiting, diarrhea, temporary hair loss, and severe effects on the nervous system, heart and other organs (see this). Wang died in January 2011.

In a brief statement read through tears, Li told a New Jersey state courtroom that she prays for her husband’s soul, according to the Associated Press. The couple, which had been in the process of divorcing when the poisoning occurred, had a son who is now four years old and is being cared for by relatives. Meanwhile, Li continues to deny any role in his death and plans to appeal the verdict.

Prosecutors that Li ordered thallium through work and secretly kept a journal tracking his symptoms, the AP writes. “She calculated every aspect of her husband’s murder, not only how to do it, but how to get away with it,” state prosecutor Christie Bevadqua told Superior Court Judge Michael Toto. He, in turn, declared “this was a planned, calculated and committed in a cruel and depraved manner.”

The episode greatly embarrassed the drugmaker, since authorities say Li got the chemical at work. So far, though,…Read more

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