Aegis Awarded Patent for Transdermal or Transmucosal Absorption Enhancement for Peptide and Small Molecule Drugs


SAN DIEGO, CA July 8, 2013/MarketWire– Therapeutics LLC announced today that it has been U.S. No. 8,470,370 providing proprietary methods for sustained release, , or for and using Aegis patented absorption-enhancing self-assembling aqueous hydrogels. The Aegis Hydrogels™ serve simultaneously as both delivery vehicle and absorption enhancer. In dermal applications, these hydrogels immediately absorb into the skin with no sense of any remaining residue. In sustained release depot applications, unlike current depot matrices which require large gauge needles for delivery resulting in significant and unnecessary patient discomfort, the thixotropic nature of these gels allows liquid-like flow through fine-gauge needles (28 gauge or 31 gauge) with resumption of the stable gel form immediately upon exiting the needle.   

The company is seeking licensees for prescription and OTC applications of the Aegis Hydrogels™.
About Aegis Therapeutics
Aegis Therapeutics LLC is a drug delivery technology company commercializing its patented drug delivery and drug formulation technologies through product-specific licenses. Our Intravail® drug delivery technology enables the non-invasive delivery of a broad range of protein, peptide and non-peptide drugs that can currently only be administered by injection, via the oral, buccal, and intranasal administration routes, and with high bioavailability.  Our ProTek® excipients stabilize, prevent aggregation, and reduce unwanted immunogenicity of protein and peptide therapeutics while avoiding the oxidative damage caused by polysorbate surfactants currently found in most protein injectable drugs.
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