Physicians can count on QuantiaMD and Hudson Global’s ON Network


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and Global, a division of Draftfcb Healthcare, announced today a new and innovative partnership that will deliver active digital content, live interactive broadcast events, and interactive web sharing on demand for ’s 170,000 physician member , called the ON . The partnership demonstrates the growing importance of digital and non-personal promotion to effectively reach in today’s healthcare environment. The creation of the ON Network combines Hudson’s expertise in creating live, peer-to-peer videos with ’s expertise in communicating and engaging physicians around important medical topics and interactive discussions.

The name ON Network reflects availability to physicians, says Executive Chairman of QuantiaMD Eric Schultz. “We wanted it to be a symbol, a short and easily remembered name that gives physicians and our members and the confidence that the information that they need will be delivered on this channel that will always be on and available to them.”

The partnership evolves beyond digital media to provide the first comprehensive personalized digital access solution.  “There is a lot of focus today on just digital media,” Schultz told Med Ad News.  “When content that is digitally produced without proper context and without services around it, digital media becomes very hard for physicians to wade through. Rather than just present a sea of digital content, we add the relevant and other mechanisms that physicians need to reach the information, the people, and the resources that they need when they need them. And that I think is a huge distinction between this integrated service and just a pure digital media site.”

QuantiaMD has an active and growing membership of validated clinicians who interact using their real names and credentials. In 2012, physician members engaged in over 1 million…Read more

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