The Market Waits For NovaBay

By Richard Richter

Earlier this week, highly speculative microcap biotech company NovaBay Pharmaceuticals Inc, (NBY) launched a new, investor-oriented mobile app in order “to more effectively communicate with our investment community” (according to the firm’s CEO). The announcement tended to draw some less than flattering conclusions about the company.

Perhaps the company has run out of genuine news to post on its product pipeline? Perhaps NovaBay got bad advice from an advisor on how to spend its very limited cash hoard – and if on this, then who knows what else? Or perhaps the company genuinely believed the ‘investor community’ needed up-to-the-minute mobile notification of … what? – all the fun things that could be done and gotten with the company’s new app?! And yet this writer didn’t flinch.

Was it a wise allocation of funds? By no means. But does the company still have something to commend it to potential investors? The answer is absolutely. In fact, developments in the last few weeks (not including the new app) warrant an update.

But first a quick review.

NovaBay has developed and commercialized a topical wound cleanser that treats a wide variety of injuries and potentially infectious conditions. It’s called NeutroPhase and the company is marketing it globally with a variety of regional partners. But more exciting for shareholders is the company’s innovative NVC-422, commercially known as Aganocide, which is now in phase II trials for the treatment of impetigo, viral conjunctivitis and urinary catheter blockage and encrustation or UCBE. What makes Aganocide compounds so unique is their ability to combat viruses, bacteria and fungi by mimicking bodily processes, while not being subject to the resistance that most antifungal and antibiotic treatments eventually succumb to…..

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